The platform we used to provide the capacity-building approaches (training, education, mental health consultations) is called COLLEGIUM TELEMEDICUS.

COLLEGIUM TELEMEDICUS is a platform that helps connecting Health Care Workers who are in the field and refugee camps (Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon) with mental health specialists around the globe.

COLLEGIUM TELEMEDICUS provides a safe platform for clinical cases to be transferred and long-term supervision and education to be delivered using the internet.

COLLEGIUM TELEMEDICUS has been used by NGOs such as Médicines Sans Frontières (MSF) to provide advice and consultations to their physicians in the field. The platform consists of a safe server through which referring health-care providers can send clinical material about certain cases to specialists within the network. It is a “non-live” (i.e., asynchronous) means of communication. Clinical material, and educational responses are transmitted via the platform.